artist's way-

The Artist’s Way Sept-December
14-Week Guided Journey 
(Introduction Week, Mid-Journey, and Celebration Week included)


INTRO CLASSES: July & August

LOCATION: The Bath County Club


The Artist’s Way is a 12-week exploration of your Inner Artist designed to unlock creativity, help you tap into the luxury of time, and enjoy the pleasures of Life. It’s a way of being that once experienced, is never forgotten!  An extra two weeks provide spaciousness to integrate all that is learned. 

 Whether brand new to The Artist’s Way, or a long-time follower of Julia Cameron, Joanne takes you deep into The Artist’s Way with weekly creative “Mini Dates” to inspire your mind, activate your imagination, and call forward your Soul’s greatest desires.

Each class begins with an exploration of Julia Cameron’s original Text, Artist’s Dates, and Daily Morning Journaling and moves into what Joanne’s former students loved most, hands-on surprise activities that might send you scouting about town, painting, or meeting with fabulous artists, energy alchemists, and creative experts!

Field trips and a Final Celebration are part of the delight as well!

But what if I have….

Vacation plans?
Learn how to take the Artist’s Date activities on the road to turn your vacation into an extraordinary creative experience!

Kids at home this summer?
Learn how to shift from supervising your kids, into making them the focus of your stunning art!

No time?
Learn how to expand time and make room for yourself! Vital for anyone with a busy life!