the Artist’s Way

Complimentary Evenings at the House of St. John’s! 
18th October, 15th November &  6th December

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Julia Cameron’s extraordinary creative journey has touched the lives world-wide for over 30 years. Her work is the antidote for “stuckness” and a powerful path to envision a future aligned with your soul.

 Join Joanne for a complimentary evening to successfully kick-start your personal Artist’s Way journey or begin a “next level” journey with Joanne with inspiration galore…weekly “Mini Artist Dates”, the highest level of support to move you through Artist’s Way road blocks, guest speakers, adventures, and life-long community!

The 14-Week Artist’s Way Journey begins Tuesdays, 10 January thru 11 April!
Yes… 14 weeks not 12!

“Infinitely more powerful with her as my guide.”

Joanne was a phenomenal facilitator and leader; she has a ginormous heart and shows up with so much love, care, and courage to support us on our journey. I highly recommend this class.

Thank you Joanne for your heartfelt dedication and devotion. You were playful, assertive, lighthearted and deep. Your guidance through the course enriched my ability to design a dynamic structure and balance my creative flow. I would recommend taking “The Artist’s Way” with Joanne to anyone feeling stagnant in their life.

Joanne offers down-to-earth knowledge while being a champion for your creative spirit to flourish!