-Escape with the Divine-

ACIM + Advanced Eternal Circle Process
Bath, England / May 5 – 10th, 2024

-Escape with the Divine-

ACIM + Advanced Eternal Circle Process
Bath, England / May 5 – 10th, 2024

Captivated by A Course in Miracles?

Eager to gather with Mighty Companions? Are you determined to “see things differently”, actively heal unresolved issues, and clearly hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit? Do you want to deepen your understanding of the Eternal Circle Process and move whole-heartedly into the Happy Dream? Living life beyond the ego-mind? Then join us for an adventure into this magnificent spiritual text within the stunning City of Bath Spa, England.

Yes! I am ready to Escape with ACIM!


Arriving in one of the most beautiful cities in England – A UNESCO World Heritage Great Spa Town of Europe. You arrive during the most vibrant time year with the pink cherry blossoms and wisteria blooming. Imagine the feeling of elation, growing day by day, as you deepen your understanding this masterpieceA Course in Miracles. You walk with new friends through the Ancient Roman Baths, across the great Royal Crescent for Afternoon Tea, and enjoy conversations in Bath’s Bontanical Gardens as you practice the art of miracles. The Voice of the Holy Spirit is crystal clear. You have been heard … and you can hear

When a mind has only light, it knows only light. It’s own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty – ACIM (T:1.XI.5.1)

Why A Course in Miracles and the Eternal Circle Process? Why Bath, England? 

  • You want a rare experience, only available to guests on this retreat. Joanne lived in Bath for over four years. She found her deepest ACIM Mighty Companions here! She fell in love with the culture with history spanning the realms of creativity and miracles. There are thousands of retreats around the globe, but ACIM retreats are rare, let alone with such a spectacular and charming city. 
  • You want to experience the Eternal in the vastness of the emerald landscape, blooming spring flowers, and along the peaceful canals. Writers and revolutionaries thrived here. The landscape reminds you of the Magnificence of who you truly are. If ever there was a city to inspire co-creating with the Divine this is it.
  • You are a visual learner.  Joanne has been a master teacher for over 25 years. She knows how to make complex theory tangible. Simple yet profound diagrams, creativity, journaling on the canal and charming coffee shops enhance the experience and sense of community. Lessons in Botanical Gardens, sound bowls to relax your mind. It’s perfection.
  • You want to feel welcomed, appreciated, and seen. Joanne is a Mama Bear.  She’ll  attune to your needs for silence, as well as your need to be heard. She’s open to your wonder, your questions, your heart, your fury. She trusts your wisdom and spiritual authority as an equal.
  • You desire spaciousness, a luxury spa wellness escape. You have dreamed about time for yourself, but you also want Mighty Companions who can meet you there. Those who know they are supposed to be there and know together the miracles occur at a rapid rate.

“Honestly, I want to keep it secret for a while.”

What Escape with the Divine  Guests have had to say…

“The setting is breathtaking. Nature (combined with) core ACIM concepts. The attendees were such beautiful people!”

“My understanding of ACIM increased dramatically in the most magnificent way…just do it!”

“This retreat helps you learn how to heal yourself. You will have a fabulous teacher who has so much love… and meet fantastic people.”

“If you would like to experience an incredible guide and meet lovely people while studying ACIM this is for you!

To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before – ACIM (T:31.VIII.9.4)

Bath food scene, wellness, and cultural Highlights!

Bath is officially known as Bath Spa. The Romans built the first thermal pools nearly 2000 years ago from waters that have been bubbling up for over 10,000 years! As a World Heritage Great Spa Town, you will bath in these healing waters and feel your concerns drift away. 

The food scene in Bath is incredible. Fresh pastries and bakeries on every corner. Quaint restaurants. You could eat your way around this town, but there is no better scene to share quiet time with your Mighty Companions. 

The Roman Bath Museum is a must, but there are dozens of others as well. Fashion, art, history. We will be doing the deep work with ACIM and the Eternal Circle Process, but then taking the time to relax and fill our hearts with creativity and holy visions as well.

Bath is home to two famous bridges, the Pulteney Street Bridge and Palladian Bridge of Prior Park, as well as gorgeous canals, and the River Avon. There is no more peaceful location to gather your thoughts and write about all you have learned. 


“I am drawing such comfort and wisdom from Joanne and her fellow class participants, to a degree I could never have imagined…we all have value, purpose, talent and insight in our souls. Sometimes we need an extra-special soul like Joanne in our lives to help us find them.”

There is so much to do! But for now…a sample “Day in the Life” of an Escape with the Divine guest! Yes, our days are planned, but this Advanced retreat will VERY MUCH be about TUNING IN AS A GROUP to what Spirit is guiding us to do! 

Sample Day 1

  • (9a) Morning ACIM Daily Lesson & Sessions
  • (12p) Roman Bath Museum
  • (1:30- 3:30p) On-Your-Own Lunch with Mighty Companions  
  • (3:30 – 6:00p) ACIM Sessions
  • (6p) Beckford Bottle Shop Wine Bar 
  • (7-9p) On-Your-Own Dinner with Might Companions

Sample Day 5

  • (9a) Morning ACIM Daily Lesson & Session 
  • (12p) Afternoon Tea at the Royal Crescent 
  • (2p) Botanical Garden Deep Dive ACIM Session 
  • (6p) Final Ceremony  & Dinner Celebration

    Other Activities & Options

    • Thermae Spa Hot Springs
    • Canal Boat Tour
    • Holbourne Museum, Jane Austin Museum, Mary Shelley Museum
    • City Historic Walking Tour
    • Pub-walk and wind-down at Bath’s famous pubs

    So much to see? So little time? Wonderful extended day trip options!

    • Glastonbury
    • Lucknam Park Spa & Afternoon Tea
    • London….of course! 
    • The Cotswalds
    • Corsham Court and City 
    • The options are endless…..


    Lodging & Meals

    Lodging is abundant in Bath. From Airbnb’s to Bath Holiday Rentals to world class luxurious hotels, everything you could possibly desire is all within walking distance from our retreat gathering location on Great Pulteney Street. We are in the heart of town! For two lucky early-bird guests, there are two additional rooms for rent at our beautiful Georgian home. Interested? Speak quickly! They will be the first rooms to go! Contact Joanne immediatley if this calls to your heart!

    There will be a LIGHT continental breakfast at our retreat location each morning. Coffee, juice, fruit, yogurt, and pastries. There are wonderful locations to have a full English Breakfast, but we’ll always have a nibble for you!

    Each day we will have ONE communal meal together. I want my guests to experience the best that Bath has to offer and plenty of free time to explore as well! Plan on (3) Dinners, (1) Afternoon Tea, (1)Wine Bar & Appetizers, (1)Lunch out! All additional cake & tea cravings and meals are not included!



    Location & Travel (NOT INCLUDED)

    Bath is approximately 90 minutes by train from London, Paddington Station. Heathrow Airport is an additional short 25 minute express train away, but the National Express Bus is also an easy 2.5 hour ride from Heathrow as well

    • 3 hours from Heathrow on National Express Bus
    • 1 hour from Bristol Airport on the bus or taxi
    • 1.5 hours from London Paddington Station to Bath Spa Station (toward Bristol)
    • 3-4 (???) hours by car but your time is completely dependant on traffic! You do NOT need a car in bath. In fact, you will quicklly discover what a nightmare parking is!

    We will be WALKING most of our time!  Bath is a walking city! Nearly everything if you are within the city limits is a 20-30 minute walk or a short Uber/taxi ride away!

    While Pre & Post journeys are your own, we love this area and are delighted to give suggestions!

    Your Host

    I am passionate about bringing peace and playfulness into people’s lives. We can can all hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and experience a deep sense of safety and belonging.

    I have had a love affair with England since I was only 19 years young. I was an exchange student in Oxford. Thirty years later I moved to the UK and earned an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.

    I opened my Spiritual Wellness practice and Creative Writing Classes at the House of St. John’s in Bath before deciding it was time to move back to California, but I have near and dear friends and ACIM community that I will always call my family.


    What’s Included and What Isn’t?

    What’s Included…

      • MEALS: Breakfast and ONE substantial meal per day is included. Meal included one beverage of choice and coffee/tea.
        One-hour calls with Joanne late April.
      • COMPLIMENTARY ACIM Zoom classes with Joanne to prepare you for the retreat.
      • ORIENTATION to the City of Bath including maps, guides, etc.
        One ACIM lesson shared. 
        Experiential ACIM Group classes, individual self-study and group-study time both in the retreat space and locations around town.
        Thermae Spa, The Roman Baths, Holburne Museum, ONE Historic Tour, Mary Shelley Museum OR Jane Austen Museum

    What is not…

    • TRAVEL
      – Travel to and from Bath, England (Including flights, car rentals, hotels, trains, meals, etc.)
      – Travel around the city of Bath. Taxis are easy to hire but that expense is not included.
      – Lodging is not included to and from Bath, England or during the retreat
      Guests are welcome to enjoy one beverage and coffee/tea per meal. Additional glasses or wine, cocktails, or beverages are not included
      MEALS: Light breakfast and ONE MEAL PER DAY ARE INCLUDED. All other meals are the responsibility of the guest.
    • CELL SERVICE AND WIFI: Cell service is extremely limited in Bath! Wifi is better depending where you are staying. If wifi is important to you please ensure your lodging location covers it. 

    Cancellation policies are available on the registration page. Additional waivers, health and meal forms, and special consideration forms will be sent late April.

    Your questions?

    Do I need to be an advanced student of ACIM?

    YES! And NO! You don’t need to be an expert if you have a profound willingness and deep knowing that you need to be at this retreat. Sometimes “new” students are highly advanced spiritual learners and easily understand the text with no prior study. With that said, it is HIGHLY mandatory that you join at least 3 online Zoom classes prior to the event OR have a private session with Joanne. Most of my students have been with me for over a year and can go deeply into processes.

    What if I NEED a roommate?

    Let me know IMMEDIATELY! In the years past, the roommate situation has always unfolded PERFECTLY. With that said, the sooner the better! 

    Do I need to be physically fit for walking or hiking?

    Yes and no. You should be able to hike 4 miles comfortably. Streets are cobblestone and there are areas of steep incline and/or numerous steps! You can always take a taxi to the places we visit but walking is best!

    Is this retreat for women only?

    No. This retreat is for both men and women. Last year we had couples who study together. I also believe ACIM students connect and “remember” each other energetically. There is always a feeling of “I know you” even if you have just met for the first time.

    What happens on Friday, May 10th for the final celebration?

    We will go late into the evening on our final day! Please ensure you have lodging that evening. 

    What else would you like to know?

    Let’s chat: Send a message below…

    See you in Bath!