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Why choose a writer who coaches? Or a coach who writes?
Creatives follow the timing of their Soul. Merging the tools of Spiritual Psychology, the creative arts such as methodologies of the Artist’s Way, and the sensual arts (using the physical realm and senses), Joanne understands how to work the process behind the scenes of a creative life.

coaching for creatives

Producing art requires craft yet equally important it requires an understanding of the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental mindsets that influence creative work. Simply put, it is difficult to tap into creativity when you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, believe you don’t have enough time, feel your project is too big to handle, are overcome with a paralyzing sense of fear and “stuckness”, or wonder if anyone will value the gifts you have to give. Unlocking the blocks, grasping the visionary perspective and importance of a project, and feeling unconditionally loved and supported can be the combination one needs to begin a new, or to launch a project from scratch.

Joanne also helps clients find the universal message of the project they are creating. How can struggle and strife be elevated into visionary themes of the Soul? How can a project can be adjusted so it invites an audience to reconsider the cultural rules they live by? How can a client offer a new way of being in the world that benefits the highest good of all concerned? How does the project, the process of creation itself, impact the beliefs of the client? With a gift for seeing the highest possible spiritual potential in all situations, Joanne helps shape complex theories of human potential into understandable soundbites for the Soul.

For those not in the creative industries, Joanne’s background in teaching Language Arts, creativity classes, and writing helps clients do what creatives do naturally; rewrite, edit, and evolve. Whether for personal reasons, business, or simply to access a more joyful way of being, with Joanne’s guidance, clients learn how to align to their Purpose, trim away what isn’t needed, understand motives of all parties (and characters) involved, activate their imagination beyond the limitations of the “rational mind”, and utilize intuition & channeled information as the greatest source of guidance.

Coaching for Creatives 

Coaching for Creatives places the emphasis on your creative project: writing, developing a curriculum, or endevors requiring an understanding of spiritual/social impact.  Focus is on the emotional process, clearing blocks, and joyfully inspiring your Inner Muse. 

Program highlights....
  • Understand the balance betweep knowing when to rest and knowing when to push through fear and resistance.
  • Understand the motive behind your creative desires, refining them and aligning to your “Soul Line”.
  • Learn to recognize utilize your Authentic Self as your greatest Creative Resource.
  • Discover and dissolve the irrational beliefs and unresolved patterns that, once cleared, will firmly initiate you on to your creative journey.
  • Learn to utilize your personal spiritual and emotional growth to target the Soul of your project.
  • Activate your project and Inner Muse with creative, playful action steps.
  • Learn how to tenderly care for yourself as your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental systems shift and update.

Private Half & Full-Day Retreats

Private retreats offer the components of the desired coaching program in a four or six-hour format. Perfect for those needing to kick-start their intentions with the benefit of feeling you have escaped to a private retreat.

Program highlights....
  • Your day begins at 9am with a welcome breakfast of fresh pastries, fruit, and coffee at Joanne’s residence or Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
  • 9a-1p: One-on-One Coaching
  • Lunch at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (Half-Day ends after lunch)
  • 3p-6p: Coaching (Full-Day participants only)
  • Relax & Unwind: Meditation Mount or Ojai Natural Hot Springs
  • Light dinner with Joanne at her home or your location of choice
  • Overnight accommodations available with Joanne or the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for an additional fee.

All Programs begin with a Discovery Session to target your goal and help you determine a personal course of action: self-study, workshops, retreats, or a targeted one-on-one program.

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