Soul Sensual Retreat, Bath


Light Refreshments & Tea included!
Lunch is on your own in town with retreat mates!

Join Joanne for a playful, spiritual, & creative tumble into the Feminine. Merging the best of her favorite worlds, Joanne will take you on a journey to experience the joy and exhilaration of letting your Inner Diva take charge for awhile. 


  • Playfully explore your deepest, sexiest desires. Imaginative fun for ANY age.
  • Experience sisterhood through artistic creation & simple, sexy, slow dance…and a romp with your fiery and fierce side. 
  • Understand how going solo, even in partnership, helps keep you sane. Learn the joy of the “EC Date”.
  • Learn how to bring sensuality into everyday living, turning the “now” into “wow!”
  • Understand how to “hear” your body and follow her lead.
  • Take home specific techniques to keep your inner flame of sensuality sparked.
  • Got kids? Want them? Excellent….why sexy matters.