You've gone through spiritual transformation but find yourself asking, "What just happened to me?"

You have a story to tell, yet time for deep reflection and integration has eluded you. You yearn to immerse yourself in nature, connect intimately with the Divine, and transform your experiences into miracles so you can finally feel a difference in your life's stories.

Now is the time to honor the journey of your soul, your experiences, and your ability to transform them into your new story.


Ready to ALCHEMIZE your narrative?



A charming pink cottage awaits you. Surrounded by rainforest greens and deep glacial blues, you arrive at the most vibrant time of year. The scent of pine fills the air. You experience a deep sense of peace now that you finally have the time to get your experiences on paper, be heard and witnessed, and learn how to transform your stories in ways you didn’t know were possible. You rest by waterfalls, enjoy guided meditations among ancient trees, and open to the Highest Expression of the Divine through you and for you.

“The retreat is the seed that continued to bear fruit Beyond the Beyond. It marked the beginning of a lifetime of better futures. I am deeply grateful and recommend it to anyone seeking peace and communion with the Holy Spirit. Joanne’s retreat offers profound experiences that resonate long after the retreat ends. Thank you Joanne for your selfless kindness, love, and support throughout, before, during and beyond!”      Juliana Ramirez 

To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before. – ACIM (T:31.VIII.9.4)

-what we’ll do-

1. Tell your story AS IT IS. What story does your soul want you to tell? What form? Memoir, screenplay, journal, poetry? Or something unexpected and unique? 

2. Receive reflections and questions. Let your community tell you what they want more of, what questions they have, what parts feel “sticky” as a listener.

3. Commune with the Divine using the Eternal Circle Process  (ECP) to explore how you were activated to heal what was unresolved. Receive deeply personal & intimate communication from the Divine as to what the Highest Perspective and lesson is for your experience.

4. Channel, Receive, & Write your story undisturbed, with the assistance of Divine, each day. Learn tools to TRUST the messages you are receiving. 

5. Hike, Integrate, Receive metaphors and details to make your story come to life. Lake Crescent and surrounding locations inspire new perspectives, higher vantage points, and beautiful memories. Hiking provides a cadence that lets you sink deep into your body. The mountains can “call you” to travel further than you expected. 

6. Share your upgraded narrative and new integrated wisdom in community so your new story can take hold and others to witness, feel, and learn from your transformation. Community can also spot the growth that you might have missed!

7. Enjoy the Ritual of Honor & Celebration. Allow yourself to receive love and accolades for your journey, your courage, and newly integrated spiritual authority.

-Value of the ECP

The Eternal Circle Process is visual methodology rooted deeply in the core concepts of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Two years ago, a simple yet powerful framework came to Joanne while teaching ACIM. Jokingly referring to it as the “circle thing”, over time Joanne and her students realized it offered a direct and unique path to healing between each individual and the Holy Spirit.

The process finally claimed its name during a podcast with the Foundation for Inner Peace – The Eternal Circle Process (ECP).  New students of ACIM, and those who have spent years deciphering it’s complicated thought system, found they could immediately address their Ego Mind and reframe the most challenging aspects of their lives into miracles. The end result? They had the tools and ability to live from their Eternal Mind, experiencing deep levels of peace and transformation in all areas of their lives.

  • EDIT your victim stories permanently.

  • SOLVE the ONE PROBLEM you’ve ever had using the Eternal Circle Process.

  • CHOOSE to express Yourself as the Eternal.

  • DIRECTLY  COMMUNICATE with Spirit to understand what has happened to you, for you, and through you.

  • FEEL your spiritual accomplishments in your bones.


  • TRANSFER your learning to EVERY problem in your future.

“The setting is breathtaking. Nature (combined with) core ACIM concepts. The attendees were such beautiful people!”

“My understanding of my life increased dramatically in the most magnificent way…just do it!”

“This retreat helps you learn how to heal yourself. You will have a fabulous teacher who has so much love… and meet fantastic people.”

“If you would like to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest with an incredible guide and meet lovely people while studying spirituality this is for you!

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories…water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.”
– Clarissa Pinkola Estes/ Women Who Run with the Wolves

Why Joanne as your Guide?
Why Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park?


You seek a master teacher. Joanne has over 25 years of expertise in language arts, writing, and spirituality. She has led writing groups, The Artist’s Way, and guided clients worldwide as a Spiritual Wellness Coach and A Course in Miracles instructor. With dual MAs in Spiritual Psychology and Creative Writing, Joanne transforms lives by making complex theories simple and tangible through profound diagrams, creativity, color, and experiences.Joanne embodies Mama Bear and Mother Mary energy. She fiercely protects, allows for struggle, and holds you accountable. She wears Mother Mary around her neck, symbolizing her commitment to honoring the entire journey, knowing that growth and evolution come from every experience.

You seek a rare experience, exclusive to this retreat. Joanne, the daughter of an Olympic National Park Ranger, has spent every summer at Lake Crescent. Her deep connection with the National Park, Makah Elders, and Nature Bridge enriches your journey. While retreats abound worldwide, spiritual retreats in Olympic National Park are rare.Experience the Eternal in the park’s stunning landscapes, wildflowers, and crashing waves. Find creative inspiration in driftwood as large as whales and the towering shadows of ancient forests.

YES! I’m ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Makah & Nature Bridge Highlights!

Makah Elders

In the summers of 2022 and 2023, we received a rare blessing from the Makah Elders, who shared their profound history and lore. As the original caretakers of this land, their spiritual wisdom, songs, and stories are deeply moving. This year, we will visit their reservation and Cape Flattery, home to their stunning museum.

Nature Bridge Environmentalists

Nature Bridge educates people nationwide about the environment. Let their experts deepen your understanding of this magnificent landscape.

Locals & National Park Lovers

Learn about the land from those who love it most. Joanne, the daughter of a Lake Crescent NPS Ranger, has the National Parks in her DNA.

*Note: Activities are subject to change. The Makah Elders are a sovereign people, so flexibility is key, but we always provide excellent programming in place of any unplanned changes.


“I am drawing such comfort and wisdom from Joanne and her fellow class participants, to a degree I could never have imagined…we all have value, purpose, talent and insight in our souls. Sometimes we need an extra-special soul like Joanne in our lives to help us find them.”

Excited to join Spiritual Creatives?

Sample Itinerary

Joanne creates lessons ON THE SPOT based on her direct communication with Spirit. She attunes to Olympic weather and environment as well. If it’s raining in the mountains, there could be a fire-orange sunset at the coast! The itinerary is FLEXIBLE each day and subject to change. Release your “need to know” and trust!

Sample Day

  • (7a) Silent Lake Walk, Journaling Hour, or Polar Bear Plunge
  • (8a) Breakfast
  • (9a) Communing with the Divine morning Lakeside Mediation and Inspiration
  • (10p-11p) Using the Eternal Circle Process tool to analyze and transform your narrative and share insights
  • (11p-2p) Creative Writing Quiet Hours & Sack Lunch
  • (2-4p) Hike to Marymere Falls
  • (6-9p) Communal dinner, Campfire & Creative Sharing

      Your Host

      Having navigated life’s intense trials with A Course in Miracles, Spiritual Psychology, & writing, I believe everyone can find miraculous new perspectives with the help of the Divine.

      We can all hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit and feel a deep sense of safety and belonging.

      I’ve seen clients transform their deepest pains into wisdom through the pen, gaining new insights into their lives.

      The key is honoring these trials and slowing down to integrate spiritual growth into daily life. Once you write it down, you simply will not return to outdated patterns of being any more than you would put a bad scene back in a movie! 

      As the daughter of an Olympic National Park Ranger and an educator mother who cherished summers of creativity and exploration, the ancient forests were my first spiritual and creative refuge. I’m honored to share this love and family tradition with you. There’s no more beautiful and grounding place to feel held and healed by Spirit than Olympic. Join us and experience this magical journey!

      Lodging & Meals

      Lodging is unique, constructed and remodeled over a period of 100 years! Each shared historic cottage & contemporary dorm sleeps 2-3 guests per room.

      Choose the charm of the historic cabins by the lake, or the modern dorms close to the hot showers. All rooms have single twin-bunks, but a few dorms have spacious double-sized bunks.  You’ll have access to both a top and bottom for sleeping/storage.

      Bedding is purchased exclusively for this retreat and donated to the Nature Bridge student programs. Simple, yet plush. You will be contacted in order of registration to select your room and bed choice. If sharing a room ‘summer camp’ style is a concern, please let us know. A single-room supplemental charge may be arranged depending on available rooms.

      Cottages & dorms have full access to the Bath House & restrooms, but the dorms are closer. A few cottages have a toilet. One has a toilet and shower. These are older accommodations, but charming and immaculate!

      Breakfast, Lunch (& Sack Lunches), Dinners, Snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages consumed on the Nature Bridge Campus are included. Please note, alcohol is strictly forbidden on campus. If guests wish to walk to the Lake Crescent Lodge for a glass of wine, they may do so at their own expense and with respect to the sacredness of our gathering.

      The Nature Bridge menu is hearty, standard hiking food! Teriyaki Chicken & Sesame Slaw, Turkey Penne Pasta & Greens, but their wonderful chef offers vegan and vegetarian options.

      We will have ample healthy snacks on hand as well as fresh fruit to nibble any time!

      Excited to join Spiritual Creatives in Olympic!?

      Locations & Travel 

      Nature Bridge is located approxately:

      • 3 hours from Seattle Sea Tac Airport (Car, no Ferries)
      • 4 hours from downtown Seattle (including Ferry crossing)
      • 6 hours from Portland
      • 2 hours from Victoria, Canada (via the Coho Ferry into Port Angeles and 30 minutes by car)

      We will be carpooling for day trips due to limited parking near trailheads such as Sol Duc Falls, Hurricane Ridge, and Mora Beach. The journey to each location is approximately 45minutes to 1 hour but it’s one of the most memorable aspects of the retreat! Lifelong friendships are formed on these journeys.

      Transportation to and from Nature Bridge is not included. I STRONGLY encourage guests to allow time to travel to Lake Crescent! Whether you first settle in Seattle, Canada, or arrive early in Port Angeles to give yourself ample time to reach Lake Crescent. For guests wanting a Port Angeles stay which allows for a leisure first day out at the Lake Crescent Lodge where registration begins, I have reserved LIMITED ROOMS at the Red Lion in Port Angeles for your convenience.

      While Pre & Post journeys are your own, we love this area and are delighted to give suggestions!

      The Nature Bridge Campus is located on Lake Crescent, Washington, at the north edge of Olympic National Park (green shading). It is between Port Angeles (30 mins) and Forks (1 hour). In the Barnes Cove area of the lake, it is a 10-minute walk to the Ranger Station and Lake Crescent Lodge.

      What’s Included and What Isn’t Included?

      What’s Included…

        • LODGING: Beginning Sunday, August 18th at 4pm through Friday, August 23rd, 10am check-out, guest enjoy shared Historic Cottages which sleep 2-3 guests per Cabin. Twin-size bunk or two Queen Deluxe single occupancy rooms are available. No two rooms are the same.
        • ALL MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch (& Sack Lunches for hikes), Dinners, Snacks, and Beverages consumed on the Nature Bridge Campus. Departure day sack lunch included as well.
          One-hour calls with Joanne in August
        • COMPLIMENTARY ACIM Zoom classes with Joanne to prepare you for the retreat.
        • ORIENTATION to Olympic National Park.
          Experiential ECP Group classes, individual creative writing time.
          Guided Hikes to Marymere Falls and Sol Duc Falls, Mora Beach, OR Hurricane Ridge based on weather.
        •  CANOE TRIP & ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM (based on weather)
          Evening Campfire & Reflection Sessions
        • TRIBAL PROGRAM: One session dedicated to the history of the local tribes

      What Isn’t Included…

      • TRAVEL:
        – Travel to and from Nature Bridge (Including flights, car rentals, hotels, ferries, meals, etc.)
        – Travel to and from Nature Bridge and (2) Day trips to Sol Duc Falls, Rialto Beach AND/OR Hurricane Ridge not included. Carpools between guests is encouraged and arranged on-site. Parking is limited in these locations.
        *** NOTE: A private or rented car is needed to access hikes/locations not included in programming, unless you only hike the trails in the immediate vicinity. There are no Ubers or taxis in this location! ZERO. The nearest town is 30 minutes away. Remember, you are in the heart of a National Park!
      • WINE & SPIRITS:
        Alcohol is not allowed on the Nature Bridge Campus, but available nearby at the Lake Crescent Lodge. 
      • MEALS: Off property of the Nature Bridge Campus not included unless specifically stated such as sack lunches for the Day Trips.
      • WIFI: Wifi is extremely limited at Nature Bridge! Cell-service is nearly non-existent. The closest Wifi is in the lobby of the Lake Crescent Lodge but plan to be OFFLINE (which is usually great for writing!)

      Cancellation policies are available on the registration page. Additional waivers, health and meal forms, and special consideration forms will be sent early AUGUST.


      Your questions?

      Do I need to be a student of ECP or ACIM?

      No! You only need profound willingness to transform your life. Sometimes “new” students are highly advanced spiritual learners. With that said, if you are planning to attend it is HIGHLY recommended you join the online Zoom classes prior to the event. Most of my students have been with me for over a year and can go deeply into processes.

      Do I need to be an experienced writer?

      It helps, AND I’m aware new writers in a supportive community can thrive. More importantly you need to open to give and receive feedback with discernment. You need to be healed enough from your experiences to share within a safe community and are not expecting the group to help you process deep trauma. They are here to honor YOU as having SUCCESSFULLY gone through a spiritual fire. 

      What if I am still deep in my personal experience and feel traumatized?

      This retreat is not for you. However, you are warmly welcomed in my weekly ACIM classes. You will learn the ECP, start to separate what is ego and eternal mind sets, and begin to develop a communication wtih the divine to begin your healing journey. 

      What if I don't want a roommate?

      Single supplement arrangements can be made, however, in the past year those who had roommates found them to be incredibly supportive and miraculously aligned. It is part of the beauty of this retreat. Room assignments can be changed at any time, but Joanne will tune into guidance for the best roommate to support your journey. 

      Do I need to be physically fit for the hikes?

      Yes and no. You should be able to hike 4 miles comfortably. All trails are easy to moderate, with only a few areas of steep incline. With that said, any time you can choose to stay back at Nature Bridge and rest. There are also locations where you can stop before inclines and rest in the quiet and wait to rejoin the group.

      Is this retreat for women only?

      No. This retreat is for both men and women. Last year we had couples who study together. I also believe ACIM students connect and “remember” each other energetically. There is always a feeling of “I know you” even if you have just met for the first time. If you are a female, concerned about sharing personal writing in front of a man, be open to how powerful a male witness can be. 

      What happens on Friday, August 23rd at Check-out?

      Friday will be a busy morning! All campers will rise early to turn in their bedding and linens before breakfast! After breakfast and making our sack lunches, we have a farewell closing ceremony. Guests are on their own and many begin traveling on their own at that point. Whatever choice you make, Friday is an exploration day for you to be as quiet or active as you choose.

      What else would you like to know?

      Let’s chat: Send a message below…

      See you in Olympic!