-Escape with the Divine-

ACIM Summer Retreat for the Soul
August 20 – 25th & VIP 25 -28th, 2023

-Escape with the Divine-

ACIM Summer Retreat for the Soul
August 20 – 25th & VIP 25 -28th, 2023

Spiritual Seeker?

If you’re a spiritual seeker captivated, or even curious, about A Course in Miracles who is ready to actively practice miracles and amplify your Holy Vision – then join us in the sacred landscape of Olympic National Park for this empowering adventure for the heart, mind, and soul.

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A charming cottage in the heart of Olympic National Park, Washington – surrounded by rainforest green and dark glacial blue. You arrive the peak of summer, the most vibrant time year for Renewal & Light! Imagine the feeling of elation when you realize you are finally understanding a masterpiece – A Course in Miracles. You walk with other compassionate souls to waterfalls and along rocky shores as you practice the art of miracles and healing your most persistent concerns. All of this, while being filled with calm certainty. Yes, you truly believe – the Divine is guiding you towards the next stage of your life.

Your journey begins before you arrive…

You unwind in Seattle. Wander Pike’s Place Market for Dahlias and enjoy spectacular views from the Space Needle before a restful sleep.

The Bainbridge Ferry pulls away from the harbor and the Seattle skyline fades. A stop in quaint Poulsbo, a gallery of gorgeous Salish art, and you are driving around the curves of Lake Crescent.

The final road is surrounded by towering ancient forests. A handful of guests with backpacks and a white cottage come into view. Sapphire blue in the distance.

You place a hand on your heart and remind yourself… the deepest level of healing is available to you at this time.

When a mind has only light, it knows only light. It’s own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty – ACIM (T:1.XI.5.1)

Why A Course in Miracles?
Why Olympic National Park? 

  • A Course in Miracles found you. You are ready and you know it! You felt a sense of excitement when you heard there were ‘Mighty Companions’ who will hold your sacred desires as compassionately as they hold their own.
  • Joanne is a Mama Bear. She will put you at ease and welcome you with a hug! She is open to your joy, your wonder, your questions, your enormous heart. Raised on this sacred land, she understands how the natural world supports the spiritual journey.
  • You will come away feeling resilient despite living in chaotic times. You are ready to master problems with Holy Vision and explore a world model that is loving, dynamic, and immediately responsive to your needs.
  • You will finally have spaciousness & time to center yourself! You dream about quiet. Having time to journal. Rejuvenate.
  • You have a desire to experience the Eternal in the vastness of the land, in delicate wildflowers, in the sound of crashing waves.
  • You need a sense of adventure and want the best guides! Imagine the most stunning locations of Olympic National Park with Joanne, expert environmentalists, and the Makah who have been the caretakers of this land for over 10,000 years – a rare offering unavailable to the average tourist.
  • And…you will to know, you will feel, that God has your back. That He speaks to you every second of your day, and you are the recipient of His abundant gifts and wisdom.

“Honestly, I want to keep it secret for a while.”

What Retreat Guests 2022 had to say…

“The setting is breathtaking. Nature (combined with) core ACIM concepts. The attendees were such beautiful people!”

“My understanding of ACIM increased dramatically in the most magnificent way…just do it!”

“This retreat helps you learn how to heal yourself. You will have a fabulous teacher who has so much love… and meet fantastic people.”

“If you would like to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest with an incredible guide and meet lovely people while studying ACIM this is for you!

To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world, so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before – ACIM (T:31.VIII.9.4)

The Makah & Highlights!

We were given a rare blessing last summer. The Elders of the Makah made a visit to share their history and lore. The Makah are a coastal tribe which reside in the furthest North West corner of Washington State. The original caretakers of this spectacular land, their spiritual presence and wisdom was profound. We look forward to deepening that relationship in 2023 with a visit to their reservation. 

Nature Bridge is the home to scientists. They educate children and adults from across the USA. There is no better way to attune to the land than with those who ensure Olympic is healthy for centuries to come. Journey with them on the Salish Canoes and you will deepen your understanding of their gifts even more.

We may be glamping in the forest, but it’s always a heart-warming delight to open a door and discover a special little something just for you! You are indeed LOVED, by the Divine, but by your fellow retreat goers too!

“I am drawing such comfort and wisdom from Joanne and her fellow class participants, to a degree I could never have imagined…we all have value, purpose, talent and insight in our souls. Sometimes we need an extra-special soul like Joanne in our lives to help us find them.”

Sample Itineraries

    It will stay light until nearly 9pm. Olympic weather changes rapidly… if it’s raining in the mountains, there could be a fire orange sunset at the coast! Daily itinerary will be posted each morning and subject to change from moment to moment. Release your “need to know” and trust! Day in the life…
    • (~7a) Sleep, Morning Shore Meditation, or Marymere Loop
    • (~8a) Breakfast
    • (~9a-11a) ACIM Tea & Text Deep Dive in the Cedar Lodge
    • (~11a-12p) Break
    • (~12p-5p) Sack lunch trip to Sol Duc Falls (carpool!)
    • (~5p-6p) Break
    • (~6p) Dinner
    • (~7p) Free time or sunset at Lake Crescent Lodge for libations or fresh berry pie (additional charge)
    • (~9p) Campfire & Reflection

    And another…

    • (~7a) Sleep, Morning Shore Meditation, or Marymere Loop
    • (~8a) Breakfast
    • (~9a -12a) Salish Canoe adventure Lake Crescent
    • (~12p) Lunch
    • (~1-4p) Makah Tribal Elder Visit – the Spirit of Native History
    • (~4-6p) Free time & rest
    • (~6-9p) Dinner & Renewal & Light Celebration

    Lodging & Meals

    All lodging is unique! Constructed and remodeled over a period of 100 years! Each shared historic cottage & contemporary dorm sleeps 2-4 guests per room.

    Choose the charm of the historic cabins by the lake, or the modern dorms tucked in the woods close to the hot showers. All rooms have single twin-bunks, but a few dorms also have spacious double-sized bunks.  You’ll have access to both a top and bottom for sleeping/storage.

    Bedding is new, purchased exclusively for this retreat. Simple, yet comfortable. You will be contacted in order of registration to select your room and bed choice. If sharing a room ‘summer camp’ style is a concern, please let us know. A single-room supplemental charge may be arranged depending on remaining available rooms.

    All cottages & dorms have full access to the Bath House & restrooms, but the dorms are closer. A few historic cottages have a toilet. One has a toilet and tiny shower. These are older 
    accommodations, but the Nature Bridge staff keeps the campus immaculate!

    Breakfast, Lunch (& Sack Lunches), Dinners, Snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages consumed on the Nature Bridge Campus are included.

    The Nature Bridge menu is hearty, standard hiking food! Teriyaki Chicken & Sesame Slaw, Turkey Penne Pasta & Greens, but their chef is happy to offer vegan and vegetarian options for us.

    We will have ample healthy snacks on hand as well as a gorgeous selection of Sunny Farms best summer produce to nibble any time!

    Locations & Travel 

    Nature Bridge is located approxately:

    • 3 hours from Seattle Sea Tac Airport (Car, no Ferries)
    • 4 hours from downtown Seattle (including Ferry crossing)
    • 6 hours from Portland
    • 2 hours from Victoria, Canada (via the Coho Ferry into Port Angeles and 30 minutes by car)

    We will be carpooling for day trips due to limited parking near trailheads such as Sol Duc Falls, Hurricane Ridge, and Mora Beach. The journey to each location is approximately 45minutes to 1 hour but a great way to get to know your retreat mates!

    Transportation to and from Nature Bridge is not included. The retreat is scheduled in the middle of two weekends giving guests time to transition from daily life to leisure time in Seattle, Canada, or perhaps arrive early in Port Angeles to enjoy the last stop sites before reaching Lake Crescent. Perhaps you want to visit the Hoh Rainforest and tour the Twilight town of Forks after the retreat?! Lake Quinnault is a lovely option as well.

    Tell us what you love to do and we can tell you where to go! While ultimately your Pre & Post journeys are your own, we love this area and are delighted to give suggestions!

    The Nature Bridge Campus is located on Lake Crescent, Washington, at the north edge of Olympic National Park (green shading). It is between Port Angeles (30 mins) and Forks (1 hour). In the Barnes Cove area of the lake, it is a 10-minute walk to the Ranger Station and Lake Crescent Lodge.

    Your Host

    I am passionate about bringing peace and playfulness into people’s lives. Having navigated my own tremendous losses and trials, I believe everyone has the potential to co-create with the Divine, hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and experience a deep sense of guidance and belonging.

    The daughter of a National Park Service ranger (Yosemite & Olympic) and a mom who loved having my summers to create and explore, ancient forests became my first spiritual home

    Eventually, when I was in the throes of divorce, trying to be super mom, and fighting for my son’s educational needs, I discovered weekly lectures by Marianne Williamson and began studying A Course and Miracles. Despite turning away from religion as a young teen, I realized the Divine had been there all along.

    ACIM was logical, methodical, and endlessly loving. It offered experience of the Divine with no dogma, no gurus. Self-study with the Holy Spirit until the Text was needed no more. When ACIM dovetailed beautifully with my Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Conscious, Health & Healing, my professional life as a teacher & consultant, transformed into that of spiritual mentor.

    I started my private practice as a Spiritual and Creative Wellness Coach, and became a Master Teacher and in-house Spiritual Consultant for private and corporate guests of the luxurious Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, a job I adored until moving to Bath, England with my husband Rakesh in 2019.

    Once in Bath, the Divine nudged me once again. I completed my Master’s of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, merging the power of writing with my wellness curriculum and beginning a beautiful new wellness collaboration with the House of St. John’s, partner organization to the St. John’s Foundation – an 800 year old non-profit dedicated to the education and healthy of the children of Bath. 

    VIP Private Coaching, Early Bird Specials, Scholarships, and exclusive Volunteer Pre-Retreat will be available in 2023!

    What’s Included…

      • LODGING: Shared Historic Cottages & Contemporary Dorms sleep 2-4 guests per Cabin/Dorm with twin-size bunk or double-size bunk beds depending on room assignment. 
      • MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch (& Sack Lunches for hikes), Dinners, Snacks, and Beverages consumed on the Nature Bridge Campus.
        One (1) private 45-minute call with Joanne.
        45-minute call with Joanne.
        Experiential ACIM Group Workshops.
        Guided Hikes to Marymere Falls and Sol Duc Falls, Mora Beach, OR Hurricane Ridge.
      • SALISH GROUP CANOE TRIP: Paddling adventure with the Nature Bridge Guides in traditional Salish Canoe.
        Evening Campfire & Reflection Sessions depending on weather.
      • TRIBAL PROGRAM: One (1) session dedicated to the history of the local tribes: The Makah, Elwah, Quileute and Klallam Tribes.
      • ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM:  Nature Bridge forest ecology program
      • POST RETREAT ZOOM & GATHERING: One month after the retreat we will have a Zoom call followed by a local day gathering for those who can make it!

    What is not…

    • TRAVEL:
      – Travel to and from Nature Bridge (Including flights, car rentals, hotels, ferries, meals, etc.)
      – Travel to and from Nature Bridge and (2) Day trips to Sol Duc Falls, Rialto Beach AND/OR Hurricane Ridge not included. Carpools between guests will be encouraged and arranged on-site. Parking can be limited.
      *** NOTE: A private or rented car is needed to access hikes/locations not included in programming, unless you only hike the trails in the immediate vicinity. There are no Ubers or taxis in this location! ZERO. The nearest town is 30 minutes away. Remember, you are in the heart of a National Park!
      45-minute “Lake-side Sessions” with Joanne based on availability Payable during the retreat. 
      Alcohol is not allowed on the Nature Bridge Campus, but available nearby at the Lake Crescent Lodge. 
    • MEALS: Off property of the Nature Bridge Campus not included unless specifically stated such as sack lunches for the Day Trips.
    • WIFI: Wifi is extremely limited at Nature Bridge! Cell-service is available, but the closest Wifi is in the lobby of the Lake Crescent Lodge.

    Cancellation policies are available on the registration page. Additional waivers, health and meal forms, and special consideration forms will be sent late MAY.

    Your questions?

    No! You don’t have to be an expert at ACIM! Newbies welcome if you have a WILLINGESS to dive in. It’s okay if you just found the Text…we all did at some point. It’s better to understand the core concepts and then begin, rather than stumble through and give up. I take complex ideas and turn them into SIMPLE graphics. It’s true! Two circles and an arrow can represent the entire ‘Universe’ of ACIM!

    Yes! We can help you find retreat-mates to make the drive to Nature Bridge! We will also help with carpooling and the best places to stop too!

    No! You do NOT need to be an athlete. All hikes are easy to moderate. However, if you ARE a power hiker this option is available to you as well! Storm King and Mink Lake are for the power peeps!

    What else would you like to know?

    Let’s chat: schedule a call or send a message below…

    See you in 2023!