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Spiritual Coaching Journeys + Classes

Yes, I can help you.

Regardless of your current circumstances and deepest concerns, the spiritual masterpiece A Course in Miracles and the tools Spiritual Psychology can help you dissolve toxic patterns and help you communicate directly with the Holy Spirit, your intuition, and highest levels of co-creation with the spiritual realms. Live life, heal, and transform using a radically new philosophy. It’s easier than you think. 

“Joanne’s enthusiasm is contagious,
her knowledge profound.”

through the yellow door

Joanne’s journey as a professional coach in California began with her MA in Spiritual Psychology. As the Spiritual & Creative Wellness Consultant at the The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, she utilized creativity as a gateway to the spiritual realms. Clients accessed deep levels of healing while creating soul-inspired action steps.

An ocean away, Joanne is delighted to begin a new collaboration with The House of St. John’s in Bath an will be opening new live classes in the Malibu & Los Angeles area soon. 

Current Classes 

A Course in Miracles (ACIM)
Tuesday Evenings 7 PM UK (Live for students at the House of St. John’s Bath/Zoom)
Saturdays 8am PST/4pm UK (Zoom only)
Wednesdays 4pm PST/7pm EST (Zoom only)

“Joanne’s gifts as a spiritual mentor are unparalled.”

Private Coaching, Masterminds & Personal Retreats

The House of St John’s (Bath, UK), Malibu/Los Angeles (CA) & online.

Visionary perspectives come from within, from you deepest wisdomI’m here to  activate that connection. As you evolve in Consciousness, direct communication with your intuition and highest levels of creativity are essential.

I work with your imagination, creativity – regardless of your spiritual experience, cultural or religious background, current unresolved issues or upsets, degrees, profession, or anything you identify with as your ‘personality’.

If you have  profound willingness and know that things must change, let’s explore options. This IS NOT therapy, it’s Spiritual & Creative Coaching – unlike anything you have experienced before. One complimentary session you’ll understand why.

Whether coaching, a private retreat, or mastermind, let’s figure out what is best for you.

Crashing the Course

ACIM Conversations

Where Life can be miraculous & endlessly in flow.

Join Joanne for a deep dive into the power of the mind and answers to life’s most elusive questions. Bring a journal (preferably blank page!) and a pen.

• $15 per session/ $50 for 4 sessions 

Tuesdays Zoom and UK LIVE (for students )at the House of St. Johns, Bath (BA1 2EU)
Saturdays Zoom 8am PST/ 4pm UK
Wednesdays Zoom 4pm PST/ 7pm EST (Live in LA to be announced soon)

Thank you!! Thank You!! Thank you Jo! You are a beautiful presense and your offering came at the perfect time. Thank you for the many processes. They’ve been so valuable.

-Escape with the Divine-

If you’re a spiritual seeker captivated by A Course in Miracles, who is ready to actively practice miracles and amplify your deepest wisdom – then join us in the sacred landscape of Olympic National Park for this empowering adventure for the heart, mind, and soul.

A Course in Miracles • Summer Retreat for the Soul

August 20 -25th 2023
+ VIP Exclusive Coaching Experience August 25 – 28th
Nature Bridge, Lake Crescent & Lake Quinault Lodge
Olympic National Park, Washington

“Honestly, I want to keep it secret for a while.”

What Retreat Guests 2022 had to say…

“The setting is breathtaking. Nature (combined with) core ACIM concepts. The attendees were such beautiful people!”

“My understanding of ACIM increased dramatically in the most magnificent way…just do it!”

“This retreat helps you learn how to heal yourself. You will have a fabulous teacher who has so much love… and meet fantastic people.”

“If you would like to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest with an incredible guide and meet lovely people while studying ACIM this is for you!

Thank you Joanne for your heartfelt dedication and devotion. You were playful, assertive, lighthearted and deep. Your guidance through the course assisted and enriched my ability to design a healthy, effective, and dynamic structure that helped me balance all aspects of creative flow. I would recommend taking The Artist’s Way with Joanne to anyone feeling stagnant in their life.

Mariana Schulze – Photographer

Working with Joanne has had a profound affect on me both personally and professionally. She has lovingly encouraged me to push past my own resistance and more fully into my heart’s desire. Joanne continues to delight me with inspiration. The joy she radiates is uplifting, the nurturing space she holds is comforting, and her clear reflections are motivating. Her vast spiritual context reminds me we are not alone and to get out of my own way. Her gifts are a true blessing.

Jamie Luner – Actress & Entrepreneur

Can I begin by saying how grateful I am to have met Joanne and how blessed I feel having her as my Spiritual Coach? She has helped me grow so much, particularly in finding my true purpose in life, which goes beyond bookkeeping. I am still at awe with everything she has assisted me in accomplishing in such a short period of time. I’m looking forward to what is yet to come. Thank you Joanne for being in my life!

Juliana Ramirez – President & CEO, JR Bookkeeping Services

Reading something from Joanne Menon is a visceral experience. The rich texture Joanne draws you into is so real. Authentic at a different level. You actually experience yourself IN the storyline. It’s a five sensory experience with emotion spanning across the scale, bringing forward everything from one end of the spectrum, to the other. Joy, pain, rage, love, shock. I experience happiness, I marvel in her humor and laugh out loud. I’ve had tears streaming down my cheek with a lump in my throat and constriction in my heart. She evokes raw emotion through her words, but the deep level of reflection she invites through reading her work conveys wisdom, knowing, and a sense of wonder.

Donna Bond – Professional Life Coach



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