about joanne

We are souls choosing human experiences for the purpose of growth in consciousness and connection to the Divine. The ultimate goal is to know oneself as the Divine expressing through the human self.  From this place a sense of inner peace and the joy of divinely guided self-expression can be experienced. Competition falls away, security is reclaimed from all outer sources, and miracles are a sensual & natural birthright. 


from education to motherhood…and beyond

Following in the footsteps of her parents, Joanne’s career started in education, teaching Language Arts to middle school & high school students in Covina Valley and Beverly Hills USD.  After being invited to participate as a teacher-consultant and UC Irvine Writing Project Fellow, Joanne realized she loved teaching how to teach and how to lead, regardless of subject matter.

After nearly a decade in education Joanne joyfully stepped into the realm of motherhood, raising her three boys while staying connected to education through volunteering. She became the Founder and President of The Friends of West Hollywood Elementary Non-Profit. Initially her time with West Hollywood Elementary began as a mission to find a good public school for her boys, but she soon realized she had the ability to bring community together. Sharing her vision that West Hollywood Elementary was a blank slate for parents and teachers to transform , WHE became one of the most saught after schools in LAUSD. In less that ten years, API skyrocketd above 900 and the school became designated both a California Distinguished School and Apple Distinguished School. After nearly a decade working with this unstoppable community, Joanne decided it was time to re-create herself once again, and moved to Ojai, California.

After receiving Certification as an Agent of Conscious Evolution from Barbara Marx Hubbard, a world reknown leader of the Human Potential Movement,  Joanne pursued her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Conscious, Health & Healing from the University of Santa Monica, merging the worlds she loved most; teaching, writing, building community, and spirituality.

As part of her Second Year Project for her Master’s program,  Joanne elected to write her memoir (for her writing journey click the “writing” tab above). To support her creative process she studied the works of Julia Cameron’s  The Artist’s Way as well as the phenomenum of past lives to understand current life behaviors and patterns. In addition, Joanne researched the influence of sensuality on spiritual growth, coming to understand the balancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine as a necessary aspect of wellness and joyful living. 

For the past decade, Joanne has studied and lived her life according to the principals of A Course and Miracles.  She frequently incorporates the works of Marianne Williamson, Gary Renard, and other ACIM lecturers into her coaching and writing practices. A Course in Miracles and her studies at the University of Santa Monica created the perfect path to teach complex spiritual philosophies in a simple, playful, down-to-earth way.

After studying the art of Feminine Movement and archtypes in Los Angeles with Sheila Kelley’s S Factor programs, Joanne graduated from Regena Thomashauser’s School of Womanly Arts in New York and coached with Barbara Huson (Stanny), author of Sacred Success, a spiritual and “real world” approach to finance.

Joanne lives with her three beautiful boys in Ojai, California where she homeschools her youngest son and is a Spiritual & Creative Wellness Counselor & Consultant at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, has a private coaching practice, writes, teaches The Artist’s Way, and leads workshops.