Joanne was a phenomenal facilitator and leader; she has a ginormous heart and shows up with so much love, care, and courage to support us on our journey. I highly recommend her class.

Jessie George


Joanne is that rare teacher who simultaneously embodies and can translate into teaching with grace, humor, playfulness and wise erotic energy.  At the same time as she is exquisitely attuned to each of her students, subtly offering them support, amplifiying their experience, and helping them each to move to their own most joyfully embodied self-expression, she is modeling how embodied sensuality can be expressed at it’s most divine.
Joanne brings boundless energy and thoughtful facilitation to her class.  She knows how to organically and gently bring participants into their own experience, showing them the way and encouraging them to find their own.  She balances the natural inherent shyness and hesitation present in the room with the desire for an untethered sensuous expression, encouraging each participant to find their own movement and rhythm.
From the first moment of engagement, through the staging of the scene and the creation of a divine environment of possibility, Joanne sees her clients through an organic emergence of their own sensual and erotic self- expression.  She is adept at balancing the different energies of the participants and brings them into a shared experience of gorgeous sisterhood.  All of the participants, whatever their initial level of experience and openness, left feeling filled up both with the empowerment of their own experience and the joy of connecting with the rest of the group in an unforgettable evening.
Amy DiBona

Therapist LCSW

As a veteran Hollywood network and studio TV Development Executive, few stories have captured my attention as quickly as Joanne’s. Supporting her writing has been an immense pleasure. Experiencing her words come to life from idea, to chapters, to proposal has been a gift. Her stories are fresh and captivating. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Lucia Cottone

Knack Talent Creative Consultant

Joanne’s gifts as a spiritual mentor are unparalleled. Joanne worked with me to launch my online program. She was able to pinpoint holes in my content offering more depth and cohesion to my program. She was brilliant at editing and tying up the loose ends and offered inventive ways to engage my readers. She encouraging me to find my unique voice, focus on the Higher Purpose of my program, and helped me to more fully open to Spirit so the content could write itself with ease and grace. No more forcing ideas to come out! When I had moments of doubt and fear, she gently guided me through them. When I felt challenged with “What do I write next?” she was there to brainstorm, clarify my intentions, and encourage me to persevere. Sometimes my feelings get tender when someone is editing my writing but Joanne was compassionate, sensitive, and struck the perfect balance of praise and tough love. She has a clear, concise communication style that makes receiving feedback effortless. What a gift I gave myself by working with Joanne.

Krista Kim

Founder Bridge to You and The Holy F@ck Podcast

Joanne and the Artist’s Way group has helped me to embrace, rather than fight with my inner artist and for the first time in years am writing again!

Erin Russ

The people in our group were wonderful, open and willing to participate in whatever was in store for us during each class… I highly recommend taking a leap of faith and going for it.

Julie Bloomer

Thank you Joanne for your heartfelt dedication and devotion. You were playful, assertive, lighthearted and deep. Your guidance through the course assisted and enriched my ability to design a healthy, effective, and dynamic structure that helped me balance all aspects of creative flow. I would recommend taking The Artist’s Way with Joanne to anyone feeling stagnant in their life.

Mariana Schulze


Can I begin by saying how grateful I am to have met Joanne and how blessed I feel having her as my Spiritual Coach? She has helped me grow so much, particularly in finding my true purpose in life, which goes beyond bookkeeping. I am still at awe with everything she has assisted me in accomplishing in such a short period of time. I’m looking forward to what is yet to come. Thank you Joanne for being in my life!

Juliana Ramirez

President & CEO, JR Bookkeeping Services

Having completed the Artist’s Way once before, Joanne’s journey through the 12-week program was far beyond what I expected! Meetings were thoughtfully planned with engaging experiences that pulled me out of mental boxes and into a rich space of creativity and experimentation. Joanne’s enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge profound. This work was infinitely more powerful with her as my guide and motivator.

Nyla Adams

Spiritual Mentor & Writer

Joanne has that extremely rare and beautiful ability to share her truth- the devastation and the reclamation- in a way that touched me deeply.

Donna DiFucci Otmani

Director, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

 I found my session refreshing and exactly what I needed to hear during the current breakdowns I was experiencing. Joanne guided me through a simple, easy to understand conversation about my Soul Line and the incredible journey I’ve been on. We uncovered areas of possibility within my professional life that I wasn’t aware were holding me up. I immediately noticed a shift in my perspective and even my actions which created better results in my communication and less stress about my new career path. I continue to take actions that are in alignment with what we discussed. I highly recommend working with Joanne Menon!

Marina Porter

Insurance & Financial Services

 Although I only knew Joanne for a short time before participating in a Discovery Session, her energy told me it would be a good thing, and it was. Joanne pinpointed key issues with which I currently struggle, without judgment, and with understanding and compassion.

Suzy Wilson


In the busy, exhilarating, stressful, beautiful madness that is preparing for your wedding, it’s easy to forget the importance of quiet, reflection, spirtual preparation, and honoring yourself. Joanne remembered for me. The night before our three day wedding weekend in Ojai, Joanne led a private ceremony to help me do just that: reconnect with what I was really doing there. Joanne created coveted hours of stillness in the midst of an otherwise frenetic weekend. It was an amazing proloque to the coming ceremonies and a gift I would recommend every bride give herself.

Brook Artziniega


Working with Joanne has had a profound affect on me both personally and professionally. She has lovingly encouraged me to push past my own resistance and more fully into my heart’s desire. Joanne continues to delight me with inspiration. The joy she radiates is uplifting, the nurturing space she holds is comforting, and her clear reflections are motivating. Her vast spiritual context reminds me we are not alone and to get out of my own way. Her gifts are a true blessing.

Jamie Luner

Actress & Entrepreneur

Joanne offers down-to-earth knowledge while being a champion for your creative spirit to flourish!

Anna Nozaki

Owner, Cattywampus Crafts

Reading something from Joanne Menon is a visceral experience. The rich texture Joanne draws you into is so real. Authentic at a different level. You actually experience yourself IN the storyline. It’s a five sensory experience with emotion spanning across the scale, bringing forward everything from one end of the spectrum, to the other. Joy, pain, rage, love, shock. I experience happiness, I marvel in her humor and laugh out loud. I’ve had tears streaming down my cheek with a lump in my throat and constriction in my heart. She evokes raw emotion through her words, but the deep level of reflection she invites through reading her work conveys wisdom, knowing, and a sense of wonder.

Donna Bond

Professional Life Coach

Wow! You brought tears to my eyes a few times today. Thank you for sharing your stories to remind us all we have the answers within, we just need to practice! Thank you!

Thank you for making me feel more secure in myself, my intuition, and my business!
– S. 

Thank you for sharing! It was very powerful and I am looking forward to growing with all this new knowledge! 
– Crystal

You have provided me permission to trust my instincts a bit more. It is wonderful to see a powerful woman speaking about instinctual side of being.
– Mayet

Thank you for sharing with us! So many awesome tools to take with us in our daily lives and work place! Thank you! 

I really resonated with a lot of what Joanne shared. Her honesty and vulnerability reminded me to bring those very things to my business with authenticity! I also believe businesses around the world can benefit from what she has to share. 

"Big Speak" WEV Participants

Women's Economic Ventures

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed to hear this tonight! I really enjoyed you awesomeness!

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to properly communicate an effective solution to my time management issues. 
– Suzanne 

Joanne thank you for sharing! I took away a very important piece of my puzzle! 
– Shael

Such a sparkling pink and engaging presentation! Much Gratitude!
– Audrey

Thank you for an amazing and inspiring night! I took so much away from what you shared.
– Julie

I enjoyed your time with us so much. I found affirmation that I am totally in the flow of what God wants for me.
– Tina

WEV Student Participants

Women's Economic Ventures